Soft-Forming Edge Banding Technical Share

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Update time : 2024-06-03 15:52:05

Softforming machines are the innovative edge bander, which apply strip-shaped coating material to the profiled edges of plate-shaped workpieces. Softforming machines differ in the constructive features from edgebanding machines for straight edges.

Soft forming types 2

The softforming process is used where the edges of plate-shaped materials are particularly profiled for sake of aesthetics or function (e.g. hardware pull-free on doors replaced by the finger) and are to be coated with a coating material.

J shape C shape edge banding

Here are some illustrations of the soft forming types.

Edge profiles

Roof profile



Tonnes profile


soft forming type

Soft molding edge Banding Technical Share

Part A: Requirements for edge banding tapes.

(1) The thickness of edge banding type is recommended between 0.52-0.56 mm.

(2) Ensure the edge banding type is flexible enough by folding 180 degree and no significant effects, otherwise, the type will break during the soft-forming.

soft forming modular

(3) the edge banding type should be homogeneous while the color should be consistent to avoid the color difference during the soft-forminig.

(4) the thermal-resistant performance of the edge banding type should be good enough to withstand about 190℃ during the gluing application unit.

(5) The edge banding with matte will be better than the high gloss one since the latter one will pose a risk to show the indentation or other apperance defects.

(6) The edge banding type with antioxidant materials is a good choice for the weather resisitance due to the temperaure differences.

Part B: the requirements of the wooden boards.

(1) the recommended substrates are plywood, MDF, particle boards. Particle boards are widely used thanks to the cost competitive. But it requires the density of the PB boards is large enough and a good surface after milling. Otherwise, the edge of PB boards will be damaged during the soft-forming.

particle board for soft forming

Part C: the requirements of the glue.

Use the high-temperature EVA with a better adhesive. The selection of the glue should be based on the performance of edge bandings. It will be easier to consult with the glue suppliers to develop the suitable types.