WF-360YCC Automatic Woodworking Edge Banding Machine with Pre-Milling and Grooving

WF360YCC wood working automatic edge banding machine with pre-milling,gluing,end cutting,rough trimming,fine trimming,scrapping,grooving and buffing
  • FunctionPre-milling→ Gluing → End Cutting → Rough Trimming→ Fine Trimming →Scraping → Grooving→Buffing
  • Description Review


    1. It is a multifunctional fully automatic edge bander machine.
    2. Due to the sophisticated mechanical structure, the machine has higher stability and easier operability.
    3. The finishing device is used to repair and process excess edge banding material on the upper and lower parts of the sheet edge banding.
    4. It adopts the structure of automatic profiling and a high-frequency high-speed motor to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the sheet when trimming.
    5.Main Material brand:DELTA Touch Screen/CHINT Electronic/DELTA PLC/solenoid valveAirTac/CSK guide/EASUN Cylinder

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    Model WF360YCC Motor power 21.6kw
    Panel width ≥60mm Panel thickness 10-60mm
    Edge banding thickness 0.4-3.0mm Edge band width 12-60mm
    Feed speed 0-13m/min Working pressure 0.7Mpa
    size(LxWxH)cm 580x110x165 Weight 2350KG
     Edge band material  PVC, ABS, melamine,  wood, acrylic, etc.  Custom range Voltage, frequency, LOGO, paint color, shape, structure, function, etc.

    WF360YCC functions:Pre-milling→ Gluing → End Cutting → Rough Trimming→ Fine Trimming →Scraping → Grooving→Buffing

    Automatic edge bander for different board and different edge bander

    edge banders woodfung automatic edge banding machine


    edge banders woodfung automatic edge banding machine


    Automatic Edge bander application:

    edge banders woodfung automatic edge banding machine

    DELTA Touch Screen Operation Panel

    Taiwan Delta PLC microcomputer control system adopts touch screen intelligent control, which is convenient, quick and easy to use


    Use double milling cutters to modify the marks and burrs to achieve a better edge banding effect

    Gluing part

    The glue pot is heated and glued, and the glue is coated with an imported technology structure to make the sheet and the edge banding evenly glued.

    The edge band and the sheet are pressed tightly through the pressing wheel, and the adhesion is firm.

    End Trimming

    The front and rear aligning head is composed of the front aligning head and the rear aligning head. It moves through a linear CSK guide rail.

    It adopts the structure of automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor to make the cutting smooth

    Rough Trimming

    Rough trimming knife is used to leave a margin of 40-50 wire for fine trimming, and automatic die tracking and high-frequency
    high-speed motor are used for rapid cutting.

    Fine Trimming

    The finishing knife is R2, leaving 5~6 wire allowance for scraping and trimming the arc with R2 trimming knife


    It is used to eliminate the secondary wave marks caused by the cutting process of trimming non-linear motion, and make the upper

    and lower parts of the board more smooth and tidy. At the same time, the scraping can also adjust the size of the arc to make the edge banding effect better.


    Horizontal grooving and back board grooving are used for direct grooving of side boards and door line grooving,

    reducing the working procedures of panel saws and vertical milling machines. It is convenient and quick to form at one time.


    Use a plate polishing wheel to clean the processed plate, remove excess glue, and make the edge-sealing end surface smoother

    Woodfung Brand Edge bander Automatic edge banding machine finished working

    automatic edge banding machine

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