Woodworking Machinery Edge Banders And Panel Saws Safety Operation Regulations

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Update time : 2020-11-27 21:17:00
Safety operation regulations for woodworking machinery edge banding machines, precision saws, polishing machines, etc.
1. Must abide by the company's relevant rules and regulations.
2. Smoke and fire are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and fire-fighting equipment must be equipped in accordance with regulations.
3. Operators need to be trained and educated by department heads, understand the structure, performance and purpose of mechanical equipment, and master technical knowledge related to use, repair, maintenance, and safe production before they can take up their posts. Circuit failure must be eliminated by a professional electrician.
4. During the work period, it is not allowed to use mobile phones, doze off, play around, play cards, play cards, chess and other things unrelated to work, not to leave the job without permission, not to work after drinking, and report to the supervisor in time if you feel unwell. take a vacation.
5. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers to work, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves for mechanical operations. During operation, workers should use labor protection equipment correctly according to regulations.
6. Before operation, carefully check whether the tools, equipment, and safety devices are intact and whether there are foreign objects in the work area. The equipment can be started after confirming that they are intact and free of foreign objects.
7. The test machine must be tested for at least 2-3 minutes before operation, and the operation can be performed after checking the normal operation of each component and whether the safety protection device is safe and reliable. Before starting the machine, you must clean up the debris in the work area around the machine and under your feet. If necessary, pave the work area.
8. It is forbidden to place objects on the work surface of mechanical equipment. The adjustment of the machinery should be reported to the head of the department for arrangement, and it is strictly forbidden to install or adjust the mold when the power is turned on.
9. It is forbidden to reach out to the blade to take out the wood, clean the equipment, and remove wood chips (wood dust) and wood blocks when the equipment is running or the power is cut off but still running inertially.
10. For exposed transmission parts such as chains, gears and belts, protective covers and protective plates must be installed.
11. Without the permission of the department head, non-mechanical operators are not allowed to use equipment at will, non-electrical professionals are not allowed to change circuits without authorization, and mechanical operators are not allowed to operate equipment that has nothing to do with their work.
12. When any abnormality or failure occurs during the operation of the machine, the machine must be powered off and shut down for inspection, and the machine can be operated after confirming that the machine is normal.
13. After the operation, the power supply must be cut off and the gate of the gate must be locked.
14. Clean the sawdust on the machine table in time. It is strictly forbidden to clean it by hand. The sawdust should be stored in the designated place.
15. The power supply and wires of the equipment must be checked daily. Damaged wires must be repaired by electricians.
16. In the event of violations of regulations, any employee can report to the superior to deal with it in accordance with the regulations and give the reporter appropriate rewards.
17. In the event of casualties, while actively rescuing and treating the injured, promptly report to superior leaders and administrative departments, protect the scene, and suspend post production within a certain range when production permits.