Automatic Edge Banding Machine Introduce

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Update time : 2022-03-01 15:12:00
The automatic edge banding machine mainly includes a body, a processing unit and a control system. The processing components mainly include: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, trimming, rough trimming, fine trimming, profiling tracking, scraping, polishing, and grooving. Mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture. It is characterized by automation, high precision and beautiful appearance. Semi-automatic edge banding machine, can complete transportation at one time. The edge banding machine has the functions of trimming, trimming, scraping, grooving and polishing before and after gluing and pressing.
Function introduction of edge banding machine
The automatic linear edge banding machine mainly has the functions of preheating, premilling, edging, front and rear trimming, top and bottom trimming, and top and bottom polishing. Preheating: The function of heating the plate before gluing, so that it can be more firmly adhered to the edge banding tape after gluing. Pre-milling: The end face of the plate is processed to avoid some defects of sawing. Flanging: Stick the edge banding tape on the board and press it tightly. Edge trimming: Cut off the excess edge banding before and after edge banding, so that the edge banding is flush with the end face of the board. Trimming: Trimming is a function that includes rough trimming, fine trimming, contour trimming and edge scraping. Its function is to trim the edge bands around the board that are higher than the board surface to smooth the edge of the board and achieve the purpose of beautification. Polishing: Use soft material to polish the cloth wheel to shake off the luster of the working surface to achieve better results.
The edge banding operation of the edge banding machine is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The quality of edge banding directly affects the quality, price and grade of the product. In the process of domestic transportation and use, the appearance quality of furniture can be improved by edge sealing, and the corners of the furniture can be prevented from being damaged and the surface layer is lifted or peeled off. At the same time, it can play the role of waterproofing and sealing harmful gas release and reducing deformation, and can also beautify the pleasant mood of the furniture.
The edge banding machine can perform high-precision linear edge banding, trimming and polishing on furniture panels, but many people neglect the maintenance of the edge banding machine in the process of using the edge banding machine. Although the maintenance of the edge banding machine may consume a certain amount of manpower and material resources, it can extend the service life of the edge banding machine and improve work efficiency, so the maintenance of the edge banding machine is very important.